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Free to Air Decoders Now Available

Free to Air Decoders Available: It has come to our attention that there are some viewers facing challenges with accessing Ezekiel TV and other public channels on pay tv decoders. Please be advised that you can now access these channels more easily by acquiring a Free to Air (FTA) decoder that is subscription free. While using your pay tv decoders, you can as well link up the free to air simultaneously and enjoy 24hr free tv. To get a free to air decoder for yourself, family or colleagues, feel free to contact our technical team on +2711 316 3091 or alternatively email us at: technical@ezekieltvchannel.com

Air With Us

Are you looking to place your programme on air and reach out to millions of viewers? We have the solution for you! Ezekiel TV is a digital media partner that already delivers video broadcast to millions of people over satellite and internet. We are a team that ensures that people hear your message of inspiration, hope and faith. We are watched in the greater part of Africa and in the whole of Europe by satellite, and world over through our 24hour online streaming facility.

Our experienced team can help you through our easy process of coming on board with us. To get more information on how you can start broadcasting today, contact us on +2711 316 3091 or send an email to info@ezekieltvchannel.com

Our Coverage

Ezekiel TV is currently beaming on the popular Intelsat 20 satellite over Africa and across the globe via realtime online streaming. We are accessible to millions of households via pay tv and free to air decoders.


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What Makes Us Different

Editorial Integrity

Ezekiel TV's reputation for quality reflects the public's trust in the editorial integrity of its content and the process by which it is produced and distributed. To maintain that trust, Ezekiel TV and its producers are responsible for shielding the creative and editorial processes from improper influence by other sources.


In selecting content, Ezekiel TV seeks the highest quality available. Selection decisions are based on many different aspects of content quality, including but not limited to excellence, creativity, artistry, accuracy, balance, fairness, biblical truths, thoroughness, credibility, and technical virtuosity.


To enhance each program’s ability to meet viewer needs, Ezekiel TV strives to offer a wide choice of quality content. This furthers Ezekiel TV’s special mandate to serve many different and diverse audiences. The goal of diversity also motivates Ezekiel TV to ensure that its content fully reflects the pluralism of our viewers.

Biblical Foundation

Ezekiel TV strives to offer programming that is entirely founded on biblical and Christian principles and foundations. All programs submitted, either by Ezekiel Tv itself or any external producers must meet basic biblical standards and must be in line with the beliefs and doctrinal foundations of the channel.

The Home of Ezekiel TV

Ezekiel TV and its external content producers play essential and distinct roles in content development and distribution.


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Ezekiel TV Operates in the public interest by serving
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Life Changing Testimonies

  • Glory be to God. I was suffering from severe headaches and swollen throat due to tonsils, but as I was watching Ezekiel TV there was an evangelist who was reading the book entitled 'A Life of Miracles" by Apostle Ezekiel Guti. As he was reading some miracles from the book,
    BERNARD Zimbabwe
  • I was suffering from the spirit of barrenness. I called the Ezekiel TV call centre and whilst being prayed for, they commanded the spirit to come out and I vomitted out all liquids of darkness, including yellow liquids mixed with blood. I celebrated and I know the God of Ezekiel
    PHOEBE Australia
  • I was feeling helpless and weak on my left side, seemed like stroke, but as I was watching Ezekiel TV I felt a heat running through my left side and now I am completely healed. I thank the God of Ezekiel for healing me.
    PATRICIA South Africa
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